A mum’s response to her son’s Killer.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me, I took time to reflect on your words.
My immediate thought was, what a mockery, it was the fakest sorry I had ever heard.
I felt the letter was created, simply to provoke the judge’s sympathy.
So your sentence would be made lighter, if we saw you as a child and displayed empathy.

This angered me, as in truth, you broke me and caused me a bitter pain.
You stole my heart and here you were seeking a chance to gain.
Then I read the part of a dirty cell, believing my mother’s heart strings you were trying to pull.
I wanted to dial into your prison and annihilate you with an extremely angry call.

For you see, I watched the footage of my sons murder, I saw you stab him with your phone in hand.
With a disregard to his life you continued to text, walking away while in shock he did stand.
I watched you return in anger, for no reason or provocation at all.
I saw you pounce on my son, stabbing him again and causing him to fall.

I struggled to understand, how someone can be so angry because another disliked your song.
You lied repeatedly saying he was going to Rob and then stab you. This my friend was just wrong.

I sat in court as your barristers tried to defame his character, in a bid to defend your cause.
But you knew it was premeditated, as your brother called you to warn you giving you time to pause.
You injected yourself into the investigation, but you never handed yourself in.
You sought no aid to help my son, you left him to die to cover your own sin.

The judge he gave my son a full exoneration, my son In whom I am proud
Your mother was going to search you, she knew you carried a knife in the crowd.

You stabbed my son into his heart, and without a care still texting you walked away.
Can you imagine how that felt to watch, screaming on that sad and bitter April day.
Your brother warned you of the pending search, that awaited from your mum as you returned home.
You hid the murder weapon, while your dad hit the streets to locate where you did roam.

In court you cried and your tears seemed real, indeed I could see you were pained
But your tears we’re for you, as fear set in as a murdering criminal you would be named.
There is a small part of me, that hopes the letter was sincere.
The part about the death penalty really hurt my heart to hear.
You see I do not wish for you to die in hopelessness, as we all deserve a second chance.
Young people tire, strong men stumble but with help we can find a new stance.

If your words are true let them be a lamp to light a positive pathway.
To reprogram your thoughts and soften your heart, you cannot behave this way.
If your sorry I ask that you use this chance in a way to stand for a positive change.
Kyron had potential, you stole his dream, so in your life be sure to rearrange.

My son was going to build an empire, this debt my dear simply now is yours.
For you interrupted his work, so the responsibility to complete it now pours.
Into your world, as you have merged in my life, our paths are connected in death
To show me just how sorry you are, rise up, make a change and please be your best.

Your start in my life was ugly, but that does not have to be how it is to end.
You have potential use it, you are not broken, the path you led made you bend.
Ego has no place here, you have life and I hope you succeed
A part of Kyron is now planted in you, and believe that’s one powerful seed

The greatest gift I ever had was my ability to love those who cause me pain.
If I allow you to break me, you win so I will associate no anger to your name.
I will not waste my life living in negativity, simply by hating you.
I send you forgiveness as today I chose to embrace my indefinite break through.

My name is the rising Phoenix and from the ashes I will rise.
I will use the platform of forgiveness to inject positively into your life.

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8 thoughts on “A mum’s response to her son’s Killer.”

    1. MrMee, if I did not let go of the rage, it would have killed me. It was an essential act required for me to heal. Kyron was such a loving and peaceful young man. To honour him I need to rise in love. Thank you so much for your support and help to stand against knife crime. X


  1. Your a much, much better person than me. For I would have visited it back on him ten fold. So always hold your head high and never, ever forget to do so x

    Liked by 1 person

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