Mother to Mother

I have thought about you often, unsure if I really care,
For the forgiveness you seek, your words or even your tears.
I know you must be hurting, as they locked away your son.
But where one may feel empathy, I simply feel numb.
I remember the day you approached me
I heard embarrassment and desperation in your plea
Your stood before me broken, you sought forgiveness from me.
I was sad to hear that day was his 18th birthday, his tears were sad to see.
It’s a proud day to turn 18, but not to walk into an adult cell
But you knew the hurt he had caused to others but in the past you did not tell.
I know, like me you’re suffering and you have to hurt whilst in the public eye
For your son is 18 and named in newspapers, on social media and sky
But do I empathise with you, No! unfortunately I do not
For your son is alive in a cell, while my own is in a grave left to rot
You can visit your son is prison, you can still hear his voice
All I have to hear, are my screams and grief’s broken noise.
To get a touch, you simply need to reach out your hand
I no longer have this, do you truly understand?
You say you did not raise him so, but yet you were aware,
That he carried a knife, attacking others and with a blade he would scare.
Kyron was not his first, had he not been caught would he have been the last?
What steps could you have taken? For previous crimes he had already escaped justices grasp.
You knew he had a weapon, that is why on him you intended to carry out a search
But why not call the police? are you not encouraged to honor the law of the land in church?
I know you gave a statement in the end which led to both arrests
For this I am truly grateful and wish you all the best.
I do not have any feelings or desire to connect, restorative justice is not for you.
I hold no malice, empathy or love, infact when I think about it no feelings come through
Your son has an opportunity to turn his life around
My son was not afforded this, as he remains within the ground.

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3 thoughts on “Mother to Mother”

  1. When I read your words of pain and sorrow that you are going through I reach out to you my sister .it has broken my heart over and over again I
    I have cry .no mother are anyone should have to suffer because of a knife . All of kyron families suffering .it’s not a year yet so all this is fresh the wound is open wide .I will support you in any way possible xxx

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