Not to Smart

Guest blogger: Rachel Rose MSc

We use our phones everyday
We’ve become so used to them
even beside our head at night they lay

Our phones have become our new best friend
And communicating in person has literally come to an end.

We watch videos, laugh at memes and look at pictures
But behind those phones theres some traumatised figures

The phone was invented to contact each other
But now for our young people it acts as a cover
Sending shots
Repping blocks
Having ends on lock
Telling others whats hot and whats not

Smart phones are both blessings and curses Curses as we get to see more and more hearses
But blessings cos we get to see some positive firsts.

Technology has propelled us into the future
But has also created a negative culture
A culture of vanity, materialism, and fakeness
Where hard work and talent is no longer seen as success

The selfishness of the “me first” attitude is now rife.
And social media makes people think that this is real life
The filters, the lack of emotional connection, and the perception of haters
The dangerous advice, the hashtags and the click baiters
Versus the positive memes, the inspirational posts and spiritual advice
Depending on who you follow, the information you get will be like rolling a dice.

Responsibility for what we post lies with us all…
So the next time you go to upload.. know that in YOUR court is the ball…

Hello madness, Goodbye joy Novel by Rachel Webb on the murder of her son Kyron Webb can be purchased on Amazon e-book and paperback by using this link.

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