Mother’s day

Today we celebrate women that are engaged in relationships with their children or child

We purchase cards, eat meals showing appreciation and gratitude, some of us will party wild

But do we truly appreciate the strength and resilience of our mothers and truly understand the sacrifices made?

Do we fully embrace the hardship, hard work, tears, anger, love and frustration, do we get the price that has been paid?

Hypertension, diabetes, stretch marks, sciatica are just a few effects some of us experience through pregnancy

Mother’s see it all as worthwhile, with that final painful push that delivers our beautiful baby

In exhaustion, we reach out a hand to comfort the babies as they cry night after night

Putting our needs aside, we work diligently to meet the need of our children; doing what we believe is right

Replacing the life we once lived to ensure our child has all they will ever need

Watching them sleep, filled with love, we admire that beautiful seed.

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, shouting, loving, smiling laughing the cycle of a mother’s life

Some mother’s are single, some have the responsibility of also being someone’s friend, sister, aunt, daughter and wife

A mother is not just an extended bank account that you go to when you want money

Not seen when your on your consoles, phones, with friends, that frustrating expression “Oh mummy”

A mother is not just that image in the home who is supposed to simply cook, take care and clean

As a mother, I don’t want to be your commodity, I want to be loved, respected and seen.

A mother is not just a woman that has to hang around waiting for you to show you care

As a mother I don’t only want to be acknowledged when you have a need, I want you to value that I am here

A mother is not a person worthy to be celebrated just on this day

When 364 days of the rest of the year you ignore me and in your room, most nights you stay

A mother is not the person you exploit, disrespect, shout at and say you get on my nerves

A mother is the woman that corrects, that may moan for hours while her hand rests upon her curves

A mother is the lady that has suffered one or more miscarriages or travailed in pain with a still born

A mother is the woman that weeps for a child that is no more and cries in the darkness till morn

A mother is the lady tired in the corner because she feels her children no longer see her worth

Your mother is the reason you are actually alive and walking this earth

A mother is the woman that on a call drops everything to be by your side

The woman that does all she can to get you through school, help you succeed in life and that lets go of pride

Your mother is the woman you tell I don’t like you, she is the one that sits alone and cries

When you go off the rails and face your teenage and adolescent trials

Your mother is the woman that despite the rudeness, despite the backchat, despite the disobedience will always have your back

your mother is the only woman that will be waiting at the end of the line with outstretched hands ready to love without chat

Inside we may say we told you so. Inside we may hurt and feel the most unbearable pain

But as your mum we will armour up ,ready to fight at the mere mention of your name

Mothers Day should not be a celebration for just a day

As there is no other women that will ever love you in a mother’s way

Hello madness, Goodbye joy Novel written by me, Rachel Webb on the murder of my 15 year old son Kyron Webb can be purchased on Amazon e-book and paperback by using this link.

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