It’s easy

In a bid to prevent knives being sold to our children and teenagers
Laws have been designed to impose fines, convictions in a bid to reduce recent dangers
people who buy blades online must collect them in person with relevant ID
I decided to check this rule out and this is how it worked for me.

There is a Facebook AD that always shows dresses and swimwear and other items consist
I downloaded the app, scrolled a little before realising it had many items on its list
The thing that caught my eye was a knife set from China. In just a click, it was mine
Without having to prove my identity, age or gender, I just ordered a large engraved knife set for £2 online

New Government proposals are said to ensure online shoppers must collect knives in person,
Yet a week later my order arrived, standard post, no ID request I was left confused and hurting.
How do we prevent children from ordering such knives, it was so easy I just don’t understand.
A few clicks on a laptop and bladed weapons are placed inside my hands

The law says blades cannot be delivered to private properties such as the buyer’s home.
It came to my doorstep, so this is how are zombie knives, swords and other bladed items are on the street left to roam
I find myself asking is this the real agenda for children and young people to destroy their seed and kill.
As I see a rise in the capitals violence, but still very little to help the nation heal.

Did you know it’s not illegal to carry a pocket knife with a blade at 2.5 inches.
Why is that? as this used wrongly can still cause bodily harm, blood loss, fatal wounds and stitches.
Everyone asks, why do you think these young people carry with fear decorating their face?
The question we need to ask is how they are obtaining the weapons in the first place

If you commit an offence under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 of selling to a person under 18, the maximum penalty is a fine and six months’ imprisonment. How is this policed online behind a screen?
If you commit an offence under the Knives Act 1997 regarding the way a knife is marketed and sold, the maximum penalty is a fine and two years’ imprisonment but if I can obtain online, how do we keep knives off the road?


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