Tomorrow is not yours so change your today please

As I prepare for a day to look at dirt, shed tears and reflect on what was
A thought has come to my mind why don’t we gather for those living lost just because
For the one that has died already has their full stop they cannot rise again from the grave
But for those still here, trapped in a negative system they are still able to save

We give compassion to the fallen and are angered by the way in which they were taken
But little empathy is given to the ones who were responsible we care little for why they young are broken
Anger separates us from their needs through neglect in their lives that arise
For we become bitter and distant due to the tears and blood they spat in our eyes

Our children each day are still going missing, hurting one another and dying
Our children are killing, being killed as a nation many of us will spend the rest of our lives crying
But could we make a united shift if the energy used to mourn was placed on those that survive
Could we ever see a murderer as a victim could we see a product of many failings when we look into their eyes

Children are our future it is our responsibility to teach them how to love themselves
That self-love will enable them to love others, that self-love enhances their mental health
Listen how many of us are holding malice against family not speaking to someone due to hurt
When was the last time many saw Kyron, spoke to him, embraced and encourage before he was covered in dirt?

How often do we call our loved ones, to say hi, check in on them and find out if they are truly well?
How many of us honesty know if that face book profiler is as happy as you think, or are they living in hell
How many take time to mend bridges and love regardless if your opinion differs from the next?
As you read this reflect how much distance do you have from friends because they made you vex

How would you feel if that angered word was truly your last as the hour chimed when they went away?
How many of you if your loved ones were to die are truly at peace with the last thing you had to say

For the dead get the terms of endearment, the love, the gatherings and so much time to them is given
What do you think will happen if we gave all that energy, time and attention to those in need that are living?

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1 thought on “Tomorrow is not yours so change your today please”

  1. Hi Rachel, hard for people to swallow their pride sometimes in order to build bridges with certain family members and friends. I agree with what you think about channeling positive energy into those young people who are here now and need help because they are the future adults.
    Stay strong Rachel even though must be hard, especially today. Kyron would be proud that you can still speak so much wise words to reach out to other people and be objective despite your pain.

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