Give thanks

As the sun has risen and brightened the sky
Allow your smile to shine and darken every negative lie
As the light of a new day chases away the dark
Allow hope, self worth and faith in your mindset to reside and park

You see, it’s easy to lose hope as boredom of this time takes set
It’s easy to allow the impact of this pandemic to cause upset
For some are in lockdown with others yet their home remains silent
Some are in lockdown with partners or loved ones whom are short tempered and violent
Some are in lock down and at risk of harm and abuse
Some are using this lockdown as a convenient excuse

Some during this time are riddled with grief as loved ones have died
Some of us have no one to wipe our eyes when we have cried
But so many of us are home with no symptoms or pain
Staring out of the window marvelling how beautiful the land is when there is no rain

Many of us are at home feeling sorry for ourselves
Instead of building ourselves and exercising our mental and emotional health
Many take for granted the blessing it is to see a new day
Even though we see the world through lockdown in a different way
We are still blessed, we have life, and from illness we have overcome
Saluting keyworkers and applauding the great jobs they have done

It is very easy to reflect on everything we do not have or cannot see
But take a moment to remember the gifts and blessings that shine beautifully
Give thanks for your children that are home with you today
Give thanks for your colleagues who sit around you on Good Friday
Give thanks for your eyes that enable you to see
And your mouth that utters kind words and encouragement to others so richly
Give thanks for your feet as they enable you to stand
And give thanks for the creations that are yet to be built with your hands
No matter the situation, there is always something to be grateful for
I give thanks for my health and for the health of those sat with me inside my household door
This time can be challenging, but even through these times we have the ability to rise
We are blessed as today you read my words which means my friend your still alive

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8 thoughts on “Give thanks”

  1. We have to give thanks to the almighty. You right some people lost their love one anyone .how sad is that .and yet people still going out and doing their madness, while the faith rach and keep doing the good work that you are doing .you are a strong woman with a lot of encouragement.
    Lots of love and respect

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    1. Hi Rachel, that’s a beautiful poem, I’m so sorry for your loss. I wondered if I could speak with you about a media matter? I sent an email and tweet but not heard from you ~can I contact you via here at all? Thanks so much and sorry for any intrusion, Claire x

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  2. Hi Rachel, you are absolutely right about how we should appreciate things we take for granted like our health and strength and we should all take this time to count our blessings and try to stop taking things for granted. Also it is my absolute pleasure to know that my support to you through reading, liking and leaving comments on your blog has slightly helped you to become stronger and more motivated to continue on your journey through life. I’m sure everyone who has touched you feels the same way and you also help put positivity and strength into people through your words of encouragement and love, stay strong, peace, love and

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