My boy

I am so proud

It was the 21st April 2018 the tears for your brother had not dried.

A text appeared on my phone, there’s been an accident immediately I cried.

Unable to catch my breath i took a seat as the words spun around in my head.

Someone had hurt another child, it involved a blade, angry words you bled.

My life at that moment crumbled I felt hopeless I could not keep you safe.

Just wanted to end my life, just wanted to leave this space.

I looked at your eyes, I worried about the conversations you were having in your mind.

Scared I had lost you, not to death but rage as you began to unwind.

Your silence was unnerving, your night time tears broke me more.

While the world thought you were falling, a fire was preparing you to soar.

Like me you turned to writing and your secrets you penned in a song.

How could I have ever doubted that a love like you could go wrong.

My 1st born solider instead of crying you wiped my tears.

My 1st born warrior instead of breaking you soothed my fears.

My gifted baby instead of seeing your needs you focused on mine.

You held me up and comforted those nights I sobbed drunk on wine.

My son Ricardo Webb I am so proud to call you my boy.

You have grown into a proud, strong man. You are the centre of my joy.

A role model for the younger ones with aspirations that will take you far.

You always knew the skills and tools you held one day would define who you are.

Now your a man with a child of your own I sit here beaming with pride.

Your music I dont understand half the words but I jump on every ride.

If nothing more you take from this but the glow of a mothers pride.

My sweet boy I love you so much I give thanks you stand by my side.

In closing I hope that I make you proud and your honoured to call me your mum.

For you I can honestly say I am proud that you are my son.

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by me Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of my 15 year old son Kyron Webb. The novel is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today. Thanks for your support.

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