No Mother

No mother wants to hear those words “your sons been stabbed and he has died”
No mother wants to be denied of the truth because someone has lied
No mother wants to hear the words that justice will not prevail
No mother wants to imagine that murder could be a part of her life’s tale

No mother wants to see a pair of trainers, knowing her sons dying body fills those shoes
Knowing the other trainers belong to his friend, he does nothing and there is nothing you can do
No mother wants to watch the CCTV footage of those last horrible moments of their child’s life
Tortured by the thoughts of what did he say, what did he feel, did he call for me as he was wounded by the knife

No mother wants to bury her child and then hear freedom to a murderer is what justice gives
It’s hard enough excepting your child is dead while their murderer is free and lives
No mother wants to hear the character of her beloved child ridiculed and defamed
Denied a chance in court to speak of his goodness and achievements he has gained

No mother wants to see their child in the ground or on the shelf in an urn
As she approaches the 1st anniversary the murderer will be freed she learns
No mother wants to face court alone to hear a story so devastating and bleak
No mother wants be alone fighting a system when justice is all she seeks

No mother wants to hear that her son carried a knife and that is why he died
Something deep in her heart she knows to be a lie
No mother wants to walk as a corpse while smiling for each day to get through
Waking to fight, seeking the truth then denied her case review

No mother wants to live in this torture murdered daily by systematic failings and the lack of justice
I know a mother that did, following the death of her son Yousef this is how Debbi Makki lived
Yousef was murdered March 2019, his murderer was acquitted on self defence

He served 215 days in prison but nothing for the murder or manslaughter offence
Its said the murderer won the case as he is from an affluent background with a lot of money
Does this warrant the truth and justice denied to this family
Debbie fort tirelessly for justice, many tears in her bid she cried
May 24th 2020 from a broken heart and not seeing Justice Debbie Makki died

R.I.E.P Debbie Makki

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by me Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of my 15 year old son Kyron Webb. The novel is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today. Thanks for your support.

1 thought on “No Mother”

  1. Hi Rachel, yes very true that it is every mother’s worst nightmare to know your child has been murdered and no real justice for them and their families which only rubs salt into the wound. My heart goes out to every parent who has been through such heartache and hopefully maybe there will be better justice in the future for these families. Keep fighting for justice because otherwise their is no hope for change, take care and keep the faith.x

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